Home Winter Practice

Each fall, as golf season comes to an end I tell myself that I am going to commit to a winter practice/fitness program. For one reason or another I never get around to it.

This past fall I took a step closer to enabling home based winter practice with the purchase of a practice net from Golf Town, with the plan of setting it up in the garage during the winter. While I did set it up and use it regularly for a couple of weeks in late October, it ended up getting packed away for the past 3 months.

This coming week Mary and I are off to San Francisco for vacation and have two rounds of golf planned while there. With the impending golf games on the horizon I figured the time was right to get the net out and try to get my game into some sort of shape.

Here are a couple of pics of my not state of the art practice facility,

Garage before setup (car and a half if you are wondering)

Purchased practice net.

I put up a tarp behind the net as a bit of extra protection for the garage door

I would be lying if I said it went up without issues. 

The finished product. I have enough room to make a full swing with  a mid iron.

Current set up. I am going to purchase a larger hitting mat.


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