Christmas and Boxing Week

With Christmas and Boxing week coming to an end I had a chance to look back over the week and take stock of all my new things (yes I am a 12 year old trapped in a grown mans body). As far as golf gear the picking were slim this year, but when I consider that last year I got new irons, balls, shoes and some hats there wasn’t much left on the list for this year. I did receive some golf balls and tees from my brother.

Last year, much of my haul came during boxing week from Golf Town, this year there didn’t seem to be as good of deals at Golf Town, and although there were a couple items that caught my eye, in the end there was nothing that really drew me in. I did notice that their online clearance sale starts Jan 2nd, and many of the deals are the same as what was advertised for in-store boxing week.
The one thing I did get this week was a shadow box for my Metcalfe Golf pin flag. I was surprised by how expensive they were when I originally looked in the fall and was happy to see it go on sale at Michaels for boxing week.


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