2012 Golf Pool Picks

With my own golf season coming to end last month I haven`t posted anything and was starting to get a bit restless for some content. I have always seen myself more as a columnist as opposed to a reporter, so I tend to stay away from writing about the happenings of the pro tours or big tournaments, there are already enough people out there, much better than myself, who have that covered. Needless to say I was strapped for content.

The golf and blogger gods heard my wishes and sent me some content the other day in the form of an email pertaining to a 2012 Golf Pool. It is the same pool I entered in 2011, which I started hot, but cooled as the season went on and finished out of the money.

A quick summary of the pool, each participant picks 10 guys and can’t spend more than 20 million based on 2011 earnings. Your $30 entry fee gives you a chance to win the early bird prize (the first two tournaments of the season) a monthly prize and the annual prize (all cash prizes). You can make trades to your lineup only until the end of the early bird season and then your roster is locked in.

I finished somewhere in the middle of the pack in 2011 with a top 3 finish in April or May (can’t remember which one).My team was made up of,

  • Dustin Johnson
  • Paul Casey
  • Nick Watney
  • Sean O`Hair
  • Tiger Woods
  • Sergio Garcia
  • Ryuji Imada
  • Padraig Harrington
  • Kevin Na
  • Mike Weir
For Woods, Harrington and Weir I figured they couldn`t possibly have worse 2011`s than 2010`s, but we all saw how that turned out. In addition to those three, Casey only played in 15 PGA tour events, O`Hair only made 13 cuts, Garcia only played 16 events, Imada only made 14 cuts, and Kevin Na only made 15 cuts. All and all, I watched a lot of weekend rounds that featured few of my players.

For 2012 I am taking Woods again, how can you not, but for the most part I am looking for consistency. Sure, Kevin Na won a bunch of money last year, but take away his win and that amount goes way down (he made a little over $300,00 more in 2011 than he did in 2010, but he made 23 of 26 cuts in 2010). I am looking for the  Matt Kuchar’s of the golf world, no wins in 2011, but made 22 of 24 cuts an had 19 top 25 finishes.

In a nut shell, for my 2012 pool I am looking for guys that play a lot of events and make a lot of cuts. Of course I am going to take a chance on some guys, not named Woods, who had rough 2011s as well.

So, here are my picks and why

1. Matt Kuchar

  • 2011 earnings – $4,233,920
  • The Why – 2011 proved that Matt wasn’t just a flash in the pan. He played 24 events, made 22 cuts and had 19 top 25 finishes. While he didn’t win he did have 2 runner ups, a 3rd and 9 top 10s.
  • 2011earnings – $3,962,647
  • The Why – Made 18 cuts in 21 events, 12 top 25 finishes and 10 top 10 finishes. And, like Kuchar, he didn’t come out of nowhere to do it after making almost 3 million in 2010, which included 18 cuts made in 24 events.
  • 2011 earnings – $3,503,540
  • The Why – 22 of 25 cuts made, with 13 top 25 finishes, this is the prototypical player I am looking for, potentially even more so than Jason Day.
  • 2011 earning – $1,880,406
  • The Why – I should have taken Johnson in 2011, but didn’t. I don’t even think he had that great of a year in 2011compared to 2010, but when I look at the stats, he made 19 of 23 cuts, had 11 top 25 finishes and 4 top 10s. Plus, based on 2010, I know he has it in him to be better.
  • 2011 earning – $1,529,690
  • The Why – Jim Furyk didn’t have a great year in 2011. I don’t think it could get much worse for him after making just under 5 million in 2010. His splendid play at the Presidents Cup in November might have been what he needed to be better in 2012, time will tell, but I like the odds on him bouncing back.
  • 2011 earning – $1,300,006
  • The Why – The money is right, and Streelman has been consisted for the past 2 years, making 19 cuts of 26 events in 2011, including 9 top 25s. I don’t require Streelman to make me any big money, I just need him to not be trunk slamming each week.
  • 2011 earnings – $1,231,918
  • The Why – I am taking a chance here and hoping it pays off. Like Furyk, Villegas struggled in 2011. Although he only made 14 of 25 cuts in 2011, he made 4 in a row to finish out the official PGA season, all top 25 finishes, including 3 top 10s. If he can keep that momentum going he might be the dark horse I need in 2012.
  • 2011 earnings –  $951,587
  • The Why – The money is right. He had a really tough second half of the season after having a not bad start, making 6 of 7 cuts, including a 4th before missing 3 cuts in a row starting with the Wells Fargo classic. If he can make me a million in 2012 he has done his job.
  • 2011 earnings –  $660,238
  • The Why – I assume everyone in the pool will take him, it will be hard not to after watching how well he played this fall. In the end he might be a right off if everyone has him. No one would argue he isn’t s steal at this price point.

10. Paul Casey

  • 2011 earnings –  $590,386
  • The Why – Paul Casey made just over 3.5 million in 17 events in 2010, but even so, it was a mistake for me to take him last year, he doesn’t play enough events in the states and cost me way too much money. It is a different story at $600,00, if he can make me a million I’ll be happy.

There are my picks, start of 2012 season is weeks away.


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