Season coming to an end. Tarandowah gets me again

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how this fall season had hardly felt like fall at all. The weather was great, summer like at times. But, it looks like I jinxed it because it wasn’t long before the fall weather kicked in with a vengeance.

With the shorter days now bringing darkness by 6:30pm my golfing has been greatly reduced. I am still getting in about 1 game week, but the end of my season seems to be in sight. Due to the lack of regular play my performance on the course has been taking quite the beating as of late. On August 24th my RCGA index was 5.4, 2 months later I am sitting at 6.9, with 12 days left in the official handicap season and realistically 1 round of golf before the 31st. 
This past weekend I played Tarandowah in Avon, ON (just outside of London). It is a course a make a point of playing every time I am in the area and have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. I love the layout, the price point, the authenticness (not real word). I hate the fact I almost always seem to play like crap. My  rounds played there are as follows: Oct 2011 – 86, Oct 2010 – 78, June 2010 – 88, May 2010 – 85, July 2009 – 80, July 2008 – 85. In 6 rounds I have broken 80 once. Granted the course is hard, especially from the Blues, but a greater percentage of the above scores are a result of poor play as opposed to the tough course. 
As noted above I shot an 86 last weekend and in my defense it was about 10 degrees out and raining. With that said, I just didn’t hit the ball very well, and putted extremely poorly (I believe I had 4 3 putts). I was 42 on the front 9 with 3 doubles and a birdie, but couldn’t get home smoothly and fired a 44 on the back, again with a bunch of doubles.
This weekend I have one game lined up, which will likely be my last of the handicap season, and depending on weather maybe even last of the year. I am back home the last weekend in October and may have a few hours to sneak out for 18. I am considering a re-match with Tarandowah, but my settle for a less intimidating foe. Let’s hope the weather is nice.

As the weather changes, preparations for my off season have begun. Besides a hockey filled winter I also have an ambitious plan that involves transforming my garage into an indoor hitting station, more info to come on that front.


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