Fall Golf

9th tee at Metcalfe Golf and Country Club

Each year I forget how much I enjoy fall golf until it’s fall, and with fall here I am once again remembering how much I enjoy fall golf. I am not really sure what it is about fall golf that I particularly like, I guess it is everything. I like playing in pants, a jacket, cold weather gloves and even a toque, mainly because it is something different then what I have been wearing to play the past 4 months. Something about battling against the elements, whether it be rain or cold, always provides me with a sense of accomplishment and I have always been up to the challenge of playing in the rain and or cold. I always find course conditions to be great in the fall, I think it is a combination of less players (so less traffic on greens) and good  weather conditions (its not really dry like much of the summer or really wet like the spring). And lastly, who doesn’t enjoy the scenery fall provides us with, getting out for a round of golf gives you a front row seat to the fall foliage.

Last fall I had the opportunity to play some golf in Scotland and Ireland, this year I was sticking closer to home,  but still getting out to some new courses. The only issue this year is that September didn’t really feel like fall. The weather was much more summer like,  I think every round I played I wore shorts and the temperatures normally climbed to the high teens or low 20s, hardly fall golf. However, the last two weeks have really hammered home the notion that fall is here. The last weekend of September saw frost delays at my course both  Saturday and Sunday, although both days turned out to be pretty nice and warm. I played 27 holes at Metclafe on the Saturday and since we didn’t tee off until around 10am we missed most of the cool morning. On Sunday I played 18 at Falcon Ridge (I played awful) and it was very nice, only cooling down near the end of our round. This past Saturday and Sunday were both pretty miserable days, cold and wet, perfect for a couple rounds of golf, no?

I managed to play 9 holes on Saturday afternoon and 18 on Sunday afternoon. In both cases the course was pretty dead due to the on and off rain showers. I managed to not really get wet at all either day and dressed appropriately I stayed pretty warm (actually I got too warm on Sunday and had to de-layer around the 14th hole). I played ok both days, not great, but considering my season is nearing an end and I am not playing all that much and not practising at all, I will take it. I was 40 on the front 9 on Saturday (scorecard here:http://www.oobgolf.com/golfers/score.php?id=1796637)  and 81 for 18 on Sunday (scorecard here: http://www.oobgolf.com/golfers/score.php?id=1797457), both rounds at Metcalfe.

The upcoming weekend (Thanksgiving) the weather is once again looking summerish, with a high of 22 on Saturday and 26 on Sunday. I have always had fun playing on Thanksgiving weekend, but normally the conditions are much more fall like. With Mary and I hosting some family for the weekend this year I may not get a round in. If this weather keeps up though,  it may push golf season well into November, which means lots of fall golf ahead for me.



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    nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....

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