Atlantic Canada Trip Part 2 of 2

See part 1 here

After our round in Edmundston we jumped in the car and made the 7 hour drive to the cottage in Lakeside, PEI. The cottage was located down the road from Crowbush. We had Sunday off before our round at The Links of Crowbush Cove on Monday and took advantage of the nice weather with a BBQ and some time at the beach.

Monday was the big day and I was really eager to try my hand at Crowbush. I had played the course, well 16 holes, in 2007 and was really looking forward to the round. Mary had never played the course before and having spent every summer since she was young next door to the course she was really excited to play.

Let’s just say my anticipation dissipated extremely quickly and I had a pretty awful day on the course, shooting a season worst 92 (scorecard here). To say I struggled would be an understatement, I hit a lot, a lot, of bad shots. It was really unfortunate and I am eager to get back onto the course sometime in the near future. Also, as a side note, it is really expensive to play. We had a $150 gift card and it still cost about $120 for the 2 of us to play. On the up side, Mary played quite well shooting 103 and the course was in great shape, the scenery is second to none to any course I have ever played. From the blue tee’s to course plays a little over 6,500 yards, which seems innocent enough, but when the wind is up, as it was on Monday, the course plays much longer. The back 9 features the most memorable hole on the course, the 11th hole is a 595 yard par 5 with an elevated tee that overlooks the entire region (its a pretty big elevation). There was such a head wind on the 11th that I hit a lay up 8 iron, thinking it would go about 130 yards, it went 50 yards, and I hit it well.With the round wrapping up on Monday I wasn’t in the best mood, and now had to wait until Wednesday for my redemption, when we were to play Countryview. Below are a couple of photos from Crowbush.

Our next round of golf was on Wednesday at Countryview Golf Club.

Our round on Wednesday was with a old friend of Mary’s and her boyfriend at Countryview Golf Club. Countryview was a 9 hole course until summer 2011 when a back 9 was added. For having just opened in August 2011 the back 9 was in quite good shape, except for the 12th hole which was in rough shape. While no where near the quality of course Crowbush is, I really enjoyed the 18 holes at Countryview. the course was relatively easy with a pretty wide open layout. The greens were much better than one would expect at a course that cost $40 with a cart to play. While the course wasn’t on the water it did have some pretty nice views. The toughest hole of the day was the 601 yard par 5 15th. The sheer length of the hole made it tough, but well placed bunkers meant you have to be accurate in addition to long. I played much better than at Crowbush, but still really struggled for stretches of the round and finished at 82 (scorecard here: Some photos from the day below.

The last round of our vacation would be played at Glen Afton, which evidently is right down the round from Countryview. We would be joined by a friend of mine from Halifax and a friend of Mary’s from the Island.

Glen Afton is situated along the the Northumberland Straight with an inland front 9 and a coastal back nine. The course was very similar to Countryview, however the greens we not as nice. The most memorable hole of the course, and likely the most memorable of the trip was the 13th hole, a dogleg right par 4 that hugs the Northumbrland Straight on the right hand side, with a pond in front of the green.

My play was once again sporadic and I managed an 80 (scorecard here: See photos below

I was really happy to get 4 rounds of golf in on our vacation, but really disappointed with my play. I couldn’t point my finger at one area of my game that has been hurting me as it seems to be something different each round.

With the vacation over it is back to work and with dusk coming sooner and sooner each day it looks like the last month and a half of golf season will be restricted to weekend rounds.

Here is is hoping for a warm fall


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