You win some you lose some, It can’t rain every day, and other clichés – 2011 Metcalfe Golf Club Champs

Well that didn’t go as well as I had hoped.

This past weekend was the club championships at Metcalfe and as the 2010 A flight champion I was working hard to get my game in shape to defend my title in 2011. You can read about the lead up here.

As Saturday approached I was feeling really good about my game, I was hitting the driver as good as I ever had, my iron play was strong and my putting was consistently good. If there was one hole in my game it was around the green, but I felt confident enough that I would hit enough greens for that not to matter.

Saturday didn’t go as planned, to say the least. I wasn’t nervous or anxious, but for whatever reason I didn’t hit many good shots all day, and my putter went cold. My front 9 especially took my out of the running early on, going out in 45. My front 9 included 2 doubles and back to back 3 putts on 6 and 7. The only hole I played well was 4, where I made an up and down from the back fringe for a par. I must have missed 5 5 footers, most on putts I thought I hit well, but just didn’t drop. It was one of those days. I played much better on my back 9, even made a birdie on 14. Unfortunately it just wasn’t my day and I chunked 2 chips in a row on 18 and made an 8. 45, 42 for an 87. My worst score of the season.

I was pretty devastated to say the least. I had such high hopes for the tournament. But, that is the way the game goes. I had been playing so well for most of the summer, a bad round was inevitable, it was just too bad it had to be first round of the club champs.

Going into Sunday’s final round I was 10 off the lead and not feeling very confident about my game at all. Surprisingly, about an hour before my tee off I was able to let it all go and relax, convincing myself to just go out and play, I had nothing to lose. As I had tweeted before my round, I was playing for pride on Sunday.

The round went a lot better than Saturday, helped by 3 birdies, but hindered by a triple on 16. I birdied 1 and went out in even par 35. I birdied 10 and was really getting into a groove and started to wonder what the others were at today. I found out on the 11th tee that the leader was even after 10, as was the 2nd place guy. I was sitting in 3rd. I continued my strong play until 16, where I had a little brain fart and took a triple that included an unplayable lie. I came home in 41 for a 76 on the day. The leader shot 80 and would win by 4, the guy in 2nd also shot 76 to beat me out for 2nd.

Although disappointed I am happy I was able to play so well on Sunday and save a little pride. The funny thing is my 163 total is lower than the total I won with last year, so I technically played better, which is something, but I would still rather win.

I am staying away from the course until Wednesday when I have a round lined up with a ball hockey buddy who also happens to work for Nike Golf at the moment.


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