Club Championship Preparations

The Metcalfe Golf and Country Club Club Championships happen this weekend, Saturday and Sunday August 6 & 7 and after a couple of weeks of unfocused play I have been getting down to work this past week in preparations for my title defense.

I am feeling about 90% there, with some serious work on my short game needed. One of the pleasant surprises of my game lately has been the consistency of my driver. However, one of the unpleasant surprises has been my inability to chip the ball inside 5 feet. Over the next 2 days I will be looking to address my chipping shortcomings, while maintaining my driver confidence.

I played Friday (79 from the blacks), Saturday (80 from the whites), Monday (77 from the whites), and Wednesday (81 from the blacks). I put in a good hour and half of short game practice on Sunday, and will do the same this evening. Tomorrow I am likely to play at least 9 more holes.

Unfortunately, Metcalfe doesn’t have a lot of A player’s and there are only 6 of us playing for the A/overall title. This is compared to 20 or so guys in the B and another 20 or so in the C. Although the defending champion I feel I am hardly the front runner this year as new club member Willy Walker, the anchor for the intersectional team, brings with him a 2.3 index from Outaouais Golf Club. Another 3 are my competitors from last year and the 6th is the teenage son of one of the other guys in the A. This individuals other son also plays in the A, making 3 of the 6 competitors from the same family. If the game was decided by index’s I would be 2nd behind Walker, but we all know that index’s mean very little in tournaments, so anything can happen (good or bad).

I don’t know if already having one title under my belt will make this weekend easier to play or more difficult. I think not being the front runner will take a little bit of pressure off, but at the same time I always put a lot of pressure on myself to play well, especially when I know I can win.

Look for the results here on my blog or on the Metcalfe Golf and Country Club blog.


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  1. Kerrin Hands says:

    Good Luck Aaron. I'm sure you can do it. Let us know how you did!

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