Back at it after a little break

It has been a week and a half since intersectionals and I haven’t played much or practiced at all. The week after intersectionals I didn’t go back to the course until Sunday when I played 18 at Metcalfe after working a seven hour shift in the pro shop. Surprisingly I played quite well, shooting an 80 that was topped off by a double on 18 due to a errant tee shot into a hazard. Score card for the round here. The 80 dropped my handicap index to 6.5, which is my lowest ever.

After my 18 I met up with Mary to play a quick 9 on the 9 hole course and played really well shooting even par, with 2 bogeys and 2 birdies. That was my second even par round on the 9 hole course in the span of 2 weeks. Score card for the round here. This even par round was combined with my last 9 hole round (also even par) and dropped my handicap to 6.0. Mary shot a 49, and didn’t even play that well, which shows that she is improving.

On Monday I had an opportunity to get out and play Eagle Creek with a friend of mine who is a club link member. Having rushed there after work (it takes about an hour to get to Eagle Creek from downtown) I never really felt like I got into the round, even though I played half decent. It is such a nice course I hardly worried about my play as I was just happy to be there. In the end I was an 83, with 2 double bogey’s, no birdies and only 33% of GIRs. Score card for round here. I wasn’t expecting much to happen when I entered this round, but to my surprise the rating and slope was high enough that the 83 knocked off a higher round and my index fell to 5.9. First time ever under 6, which I am pretty happy about.

On Tuesday, although we didn’t play golf Mary and I stumbled across some good golf deals at Sport Experts at Bayshore and I ended up picking up a cheap John Daily 4 hybrid for $24.00. I have been looking for a cheap 4 hybrid for a couple of months to fill the gap between my 3 hybrid that I hit about 215 and my 4 iron that I hit about 190. I didn’t want to pay much for one since I don’t hit from that distance very often. Mary picked up a 3 hybrid that was $10 and matched her 4 hybrid.

Yesterday, Mary and I went headed out for 9 hole at Metcalfe and ended up playing the front 9 since the 9 hole course was busy. It was a struggle for me, for the first time in about a month, but was ok. I doubled 4, missed putts for par on 1, 6 and 9 and finished with a 6 over 41. Score card for the round here. Mary on the other hand lit it up after a slow start. She had an unfortunate quad on 1, but steadied the ship, parred 4 of the last 8 holes and shot a 46.

With the Club Championship two weeks away I will likely continue playing when the opportunity presents itself for the next week before spending some serious time on the course playing and practicing the first week of August in preparations of the tournament.


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