2011 OVGA Intersectionals

Team Metcalfe Golf

Last Sunday (was suppose to read yesterday, but that was when I thought I would actually finish this on Monday) was big day, OVGA intersectionals. It is one if not the most important event in my golf calendar and one I look forward to each year. I had been preparing vigorously the past week with multiple trip to the range, good sleep and lots of stretching. I ended up taking Saturday completely off just to rest. My good play as of late had me feeling good about my game, all that was left to do was go out there, have fun and play well.

This was my 4th year in a row representing Metcalfe, having played in the 7th position in 2008, 5th position in 2009, 4th position in 2010 and 3rd position in 2011. To say the least I was a little apprehensive wondering what type of players I would be up against in the 3rd position. To make things worse, we had Haute Plaines in our group this year, which is a very strong club that has been working its way up from the bottom since it joined the OVGA a couple of years back. My apprehension was unfounded when I saw the starting list as two of my competitors (from Copperdale and Hammond) had more of less the same index as me. The individual from Haute Plaines played to a 3 and would be tough to beat.

The course: Hammond Golf and Country Club was the host club for Division I of the OVGA intersectionals. It is situated east of Orleans, about 30min from downtown Ottawa. It plays as a par 72 (36 out and 36 in), and plays just under 6700 yards from the Blue tees. I had played this course twice before, once in 2009 as part of the OVGA City and District B Championships, and last week for the intersectionals practice round.

If you just want to know how I did, skip to the bottom (hole 15 to be specific), the next bit could get long (and boring). Here is a more of less shot by shot, hole by hole re-cap of the round.

Hole 1 Black: Par 5, 504 yards. I hit a decent driver (considering the audience on the first tee) leaving my about 235 in to the green. I hit a poor second shot (to say the least) and was left with 120 into the green. I hit gap wedge to 15 feet, two putted for a par. Of my competitors, one played the hole similar to me and made par, the other two were 3 off the tee and never in the hole. I was 1 up on Huate Plaines and Hammond, all square with Copperdale.

Hole 2 Black: Par 4, 396 yards. I hit my drive down the left hand side and found the rough, from there I hit a solid 8 iron to 15 feet. 2 putts and I was home with a par. Haute Plaines creamed a drive to about 80 yards, and made par. Copperdale got into some trouble off the tee, but managed to get on and barely miss his par putt. Hammond ended up in the water off the tee and made a 6. I was 2 up on Hammond, 1 up on Haute Plaines and 1 up on Copperdale.

Hole 3: Par 4, 427 yards. I hit a driver down the right hand side. I was about 165 into the wind to the green, hit a good 5 iron, but the wind knocked it down just short of the green. I chipped up to 5 feet and made my par putt. Haute Plaines made a a long putt for bogey, Copperdale was greenside in 2, but failed to get up and down, and Hammond got into some trouble off the tee and made a 6. I was 3 up on Hammond, 2 up on Haute Plaines and 2 up on Copperdale.

Hole 4: Par 4, 371 yards. I hit a perfect drive to 115 in, which I followed up with a push wedge, leaving myself a 40 footer for birdie. With a downhill putt I babied it leaving myself with a hard breaking 8 foot par putt, that I missed. Haute Plaines joined me in a 3 putt, Hammond got in trouble off the tee and ended up picking up after sending his 3rd into the deep grass about 75 yards out from the green. Copperdale made a nice up and down for par. I was 4 up on Hammond, 2 up on Haute Plaines and 1 up on Copperdale.

Hole 5: Par 3, 152 yards. After watching Copperdale come up short in the water I up clubbed and hit one to 8 feet, below the hole, it was pretty much perfect and I made the putt for birdie. Hammond and Haute Plaines both hit the green, Hammond 3 putted for 4, Haute Plaines narrowly missed a downhill 15 footer for birdie and made par, Copperdale hit their drop to 5 feet and made the bogey putt. I was 5 up on Hammond, 3 up on Haute Plaines and 2 up on Copperdale.

Hole 6: Par 4, 421 yards. I hit a long driver here, probably my longest of the day and got very lucky it wasn’t too long as I hit it through the fairway and just barely not under a tree. I hit a 9 iron about 20 feet past the hole and 2 putted for par. Hammond was once again in trouble off the tee and made a double, Haute Plaines absolutely crushed a drive, but came up short with his wedge, chunked a chip and 2 putted for bogey. Copperdale made a bogey after missing the green and 2 putting. I was 6 up on Hammond, 4 up on Haute Plaines and 3 up on Copperdale.

Hole 7: Par 4, 322 yards. For that have played Hammond, this is the crazy up hill dog leg right hole. I hit driver to 65 yards, but a bit too far right. I didn’t have a shot at the pin, so I hit up to the left hand side of the green. To my surprise, the ball bounced one and kicked hard right, stopping 2 feet from the pin. I had a tap in birdie. Hammond was in trouble off the tee, but managed to make a bogey, Haute Plaines missed his birdie putt by inches and took a par, Copperdale put his second in a green side bunker and couldn’t recover, he made a double. I was 7 up on Hammond, 5 up on Haute Plaines and 4 up on Copperdale.

Hole 8: Par 3, 236 yards. No one hit the green in our group, I pushed a hybrid off the tee leaving myself 20 yards short. I chipped and two putted for bogey. Hammond made a great up and down for par, Copperdale made a bogey and Haute Plaines made a double after finding the trees from the tee. I was 6 up on Hammond, 6 up on Haute Plaines and 4 up on Copperdale.

Hole 9: Par 5, 546 yards. I hit a decent drive, but left myself in a difficult spot, not having a shot that didn’t have to go over trees, so I hit a 7 iron to 130 yards and hit a 9 iron into the front of the green. I two putted for  a par and even par front 9. The rest of the group got in some form of trouble or another, with two of them making bogey and Hammond making double. After 9 I was 7 up on Hammond, 7 up on Haute Plaines and 5 up on Copperdale.

Hole 10 (Hole 1 of Gold 9): Par 4, 361 yards. I safely played a hybrid off the tee, hit a sand wedge to 10 feet and two putted for par. For the first time all day, all four of us made par. I was 7 up on Hammond, 7 up on Haute Plaines and 5 up on Copperdale.

Hole 11: Par 4, 418 yards. I hit my drive into the left rough and hit what I thought I was a perfect 9 iron. It ended up rolling onto the fringe, leaving me with about 30 feet to the hole. I hit an ok, but not great putt, and drained the 5 footer I had left for par. Hammond and Copperdale also made par, but Haute Plaines made a bogey and that was my match with him over 8&7. I was not 7 up with Hammond (dormie) and 5 up on Copperdale.

Hole 12: Par 5, 494 yards. I hit an ok drive, but too far right. I hit a smart 8 iron over a grouping of trees and then a gap wedge into the green. I two putted for par. Hammond also made a par, which ended my match with him 7&6. Copperdale made par as well so I remained 5 up with 6 to play. Haute Plaines made his first birdie of the day, although it didn’t matter in my match.

Hole 13: Par 3, 208 yards. As with the last long par 3, I pushed a hybrid. The good news was I pin high, the bad news was I flew the pin leaving myself with a 10 footer for par. I two putted for the bogey. Hammond and Haute Plaines both made par, which had not effect on me, and Copperdale made a 4, meaning I was 5 up with 5 to play, and had him dormie.

Hole 14: Par 4, 416 yards. I hit a good drive down the right hand side, leaving a pitching wedge into the green. Although I hit it well, it was a bit long coming to rest on the edge of the fringe and the rough at the back of the green. This was followed by my worst shot of the day, a bump and run 7 iron that I pulled and hit to hard. I had 15 feet for par and two putted for bogey. Copperdale made par, which meant he was still alive. I was 4 up with  to go.

Hole 15: Par 4, 322 yards. This short par 4 was a dog leg left and I hit a perfect hybrid off the tee to 100 yards. I hit a sand wedge short, but on the green. My first putt broke the complete opposite of my read, leaving me with a good 5 feet for par. Copperdale was inside 15 feet for birdie, but came up short, and tapped in for par. I made a perfect stroke on my putt to put it right into the heart of the hole, match over 4&3, I had secured 6 points for the Metcalfe team.

Hole 16: Par 3, 143 yards. I under clubbed here, chipped on and two putted for bogey.

Hole 17: Par 5, 502 yards. I played this hole pretty well, drive down right hand side, 5 iron to 50 yards, sand wedge to green and 2 putts for par.

Hole 18: Par 4, 436 yards. Coming to the 18th I had won all three of my matches and I was mentally and physically exhausted (I was hungry and dehydrated). I hit a poor drive down the left hand side that luckily missed all the trees as it cut from left to right. I was left with about 190 into the green, over water. I hit a poor 4 iron that never had a chance, it cleared the water, but ended up in the bunker. I hacked one out of the bunker, across the green, chipped on, and 2 putted for double. It was a tough way to end my day, but it didn’t really matter. I was 5 over on the back, 5 over 77 on the day.

At the end of the day the icing on the cake was that we had finished 2nd to Haute Plaines and would be the host of division I in 2012. We had beaten Hammond by 1 point. Copperdale finished last and will be relegated to division J for 2012.

In my 4 years playing intersectionals I now have a record of 18 points out of a possible 24.

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