OVGA Intersectionals Outfit

Sunday is the big day, OVGA intersectionals and besides getting my game into shape I have one other important preparation to make … what to wear?

Each year the Metcalfe team is provided with a shirt, embroidered with the club logo and (insert year here) Intersectionals. In my four years on the team we have had some nice shorts, such as 2008 (grey) and 2010 (white) and we have had some not great shirts (red, grey and white in 2009). This year the guys were patiently waiting for our shirts to come in to see if we would be looking like hero’s or zero’s come competition day and I must say the club really came through this year. On Sunday will be dressed in a light blue callaway polo, that is simple, yet stylish, as per the pictures below.

With the shirts in, there is only one question left, what will the rest of the outfit be?

I have narrowed it down to 2 options as per the below pictures. I am leaning to the navy blue shorts and hat because I think it looks better, but with the weather man calling for high’s of 30 on Sunday, I am thinking the light tan shorts and white hat my be a cooler option on Sunday. Also, the navy blue shorts are missing a button, so I would have to sew one on before Sunday.

I am going to sleep on it and make my final decision tomorrow night.



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