Slow Start to the Golf Season

Each year I use the May long weekend as somewhat of an early season benchmark as to where my game is at. Traditionally, I tend to start my season well, drop off for the month of June, play well in July and most of August and drop off in the late summer/early fall. The reason for this trend is likely the cause of  a number of factors, none of which I am interested in exploring in this post.

With the May long weekend now behind us I can safely say that this golf season is not sticking with tradition. As with most years my consistency over 18 holes of golf is somewhat of a roller coaster, but I have struggled a lot more this spring than normal. Two of the main reasons I assume are the lack of playing due to weather, (as of today I have played only 3 18 hole rounds, and 8 9 hole rounds) and the fact I am still getting use to a new set of irons (I seem to be pushing a lot of mid iron shots). Whatever the reason I am looking forward to playing some better golf in the coming weeks. 
The next 2 weeks will be important weeks on my golf calendar. This weekend I am in Gananoque, ON at Glen House Resort to play the Flagstick Shootout at Smugglers Glen golf course. I am really looking forward to the event, having never played, but heard so much about Smugglers Glen, just getting out on the golf course will be a treat. But, I do have some expectations to play well and I am hoping for a strong finish to put some confidence in my game for the summer.
Upon my return from the Shootout I get right into OVGA (Ottawa Valley Golf Association) Intersectional Try-Outs at Metcalfe with Rounds on Monday the 30th, Saturday the 4th and Monday the 6th. Try-outs follow a modified stableford system (1 point for bogey, 2 for par, 3 for birdie) with your best 2 scores being combined for your total. I figure I will need a total score of about 48 to make the team, or about 24 points per round. This roughly equates to a score of 84. If I play half decent this shouldn’t be an issue, but who knows. If I make the team this will be my 4th straight year competing for Metcalfe. My record so far is 6 points in 2008 (won all matches), 0 points in 2009 (lost all matches), and 6 points in 2010 (won all matches).
As for this past weekend, I managed to get Saturday for 9 holes, Sunday for 18 holes and Monday for 9 holes. Saturday’s 9 holes were ok, the only real mistake I was hitting my tee shot in 9 into a lateral hazard. I finished with a  4 over 40, which was neither great nor horrible. Sunday I played fairly well, but just couldn’t get anything going, going out in 41 and back in 42. The back 9 was going great until back to back doubles on 15 and 16, although I was pretty happy that I was able to come back and par 17 and 18. Monday I played the front 9 in what was suppose to be a full round, but it was just to slow. The slow play effected my game, I doubled 6, only hit 1 green in regulation and wasn’t able to convert any up and downs leading to a disappointing 43. 
I am looking to spend some time on the range and putting green this week as well as getting in 9 holes one night before heading to Smugglers Glen on Saturday morning. Here is hoping my game comes into shape over the next couple of days.
Happy Golfing,
@brewcee on twitter.

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