Birdies for Charity

Golf season has finally started for me!

I managed to get out for three 9s this past weekend, playing the 9 hole course at Metcalfe G&CC twice and the back 9 of the 18 hole course once. All and all I am happy that golf season has started, even if my game is a little rusty (although I did shoot +2 on the back 9 at Metcalfe Saturday morning). The course is in decent shape considering the spring we have had, with the greens coming through the winter and spring in better than expected shape and the fairways coming through in about the expected shape (mix of green and brown).

Something new for me for the 2011 season is taking part in an ad hoc, self managed, season long charity competition, with no official name (loosely called “Pledge to Charities”, but I am calling it Birdies for Charity), that was started by a few folks on the members forum. It  started last year and I kept a pretty close watch on how  it was going, this year I figured why not, and put my name in. The concept is quite simple, for every birdie you make you donate $5 to charity (or whatever amount you wish), for every eagle you make you donate $10 to charity (or whatever amount you wish). The “competition” lasts all year, with those taking part posting in the thread when the make birdies or eagles. A running total is kept so you can see how you are doing compared to the others taking part. At the end of the season you pick a charity and donate, it’s that easy.

For my part, I made 2 birdies the other day as part of my 39 on the back 9 at Metcalfe G&CC, but I haven’t yet  decided who I will donate to at the end of the season. My first inclination is to donate to Right to Play Canada, it makes sense for me as I work in the sport and physical activity sector. I am likely going to keep my options open and decide at the last minute, but we shall see.

Find of the week: If you have an iPhone or iTouch, check our the Nike Training Club App, it’s free, has 90+ drills to work strength, cardio, and core. It also syncs with your ipod play lists so you can listen to music while you work out.

On the golf front, Nike releases its 20XI golf balls on April 29th. There will  be two versions of the ball the
Nike 20XI – S (spin) and the Nike 20XI – X (distance).

Happy Golfing.


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