Still Waiting for Golf Season

I was looking back through past posts and came across my first round of the 2010 golf season, it was on April 5th. That is depressing. It is now April 15h, 1st official day of golf season (as defined by RCGA via handicap season), and I have not played once. I have been to the driving range 3 times and do feel good about the amount of practice I am getting in.

I remember playing on April 16th last year in Hamilton, ON and it snowed. I don’t think it is going to snow on April 16th (tomorrow) this year, but it is calling for rain and rather cold  temperatures (7 degrees). In fact, this entire weekend is looking cold and wet. It is unlikely that I will get my first round of the season in this weekend, but who knows, I am considering playing Sunday afternoon at Anderson Links if the weather holds out. At the very least I will go and hit a bucket of balls.

I will be working my first pro shop shift at Metcalfe this Sunday 10 – 2, even though the course is not yet open I will be in there taking tee times for opening day (wednesday) the 20th.

So far this spring I have been hitting the ball pretty well and I am enjoying the new irons. I really want to focus on being consistent this year, so I think some extra time on the range at the start of the season will help with that.

Along with finding out when I played my first round last year I also noticed that I have really gotten away from  my finds of the week that I had provided in my blogs when I first started. So, here we go

Find of the week: Well not exactly something I would say is a good find, but an interesting one. It seems my predication that someone would come out with a driver head that is distinctly colored has come true, as golf town house brand Founders Club has released a line of drivers that come in multiple head colors. Whether green, or blue or plaid is your favorite color, Founders Club has an option for you.


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