Golf Pool Update – Brewcee finishes 2nd for Month of March

The results are in, after the Honda Classic, Puerto Rico Open, WGC Cadillac, Transitions Championships , and Arnie’s Invitational I finished runner up for the month of March in my golf pool, taking home a decent $60.00 pay out (paid $30 to enter so have already turned a profit). I racked up a little over $3,2 million in the month of March, lead by $2.6 million at the WGC Cadillac Championships, where I had Watney (1), Johnson (2), and Woods (10) all finish in the top 10.

Overall, I have  $5.7million in winnings, which put me in 10th and a little under $2 million back of first place.

Looking at my Guys, the winnings have not been very well distributed, with several players hurting me. I am going to need some guys to come through next month and beyond if I have any chance of moving up the leader board.

Here is how it is playing out so far:

Name                      2011 Winnings
P. Casey                  $337,316
S. Garcia                  $274,000
P. Harrington            $201,916
R. Imada                  $135,797
D. Johnson               $1,282,771
K. Na                      $748,607
S. O’Hair                 $139,950
N. Watney               $2,278,000
M. Weir                   $10,788
T. Woods                $240,696

Weir and O’Hair are killing me, and I have to comes to terms with the reality that Weir may not get much better as the summer progresses. I really thought he would bring me in some money early in the season and then he would slow down as all the big guns started to play. Obviously that didn’t happen and now he is sidelined until the Masters with an injury. I haven’t been following O’Hair at all, other than to see that he isn’t playing well.

Woods has been disappointing, but I have a feeling he will get his act together for the Masters and the other majors, as he always does. This should bring in some money.

Harrington, hasn’t played great for a couple years now, I took a bit of a gamble on him to turn it around, time will tell if he can consistently make money each week.

Imada only has 2 starts in the US this season, so he isn’t officially killing me yet. I am just hoping to plans to actually play some tournaments in the US this season, outside of  the majors.

Onto April!


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