2011 Ottawa Citizen Amateur Golf Championships

UPDATE: July 27, 2011. Seeing as this page is getting quite a few hits, assuming people are looking for results, you can find the official final results from the 2011 Ottawa Citizen on the Flagstick Golf Magazine website, here: http://www.flagstick.com/teeshots/?p=4112

Editors note: The below line up is now official!

Word on the street is that the schedule is out for the 2011 Ottawa Citizen Amateur Golf Championships. I can’t seem to find anything official, however it will all be official come the golf expo this weekend. Here is what I found on Ottawagolf.com

Round 1: July 11th Outaouais
Round 2: July 21st Equinelle
Round 3: July 25th Kanata Golf and Country Club
Round 4: July 26th Eagle Creek

Another update, the women will play 

Round 1: June 21st   Loch March G&CC
Round 2: July 4th       The Marshes
Round 3: July 25th     Kanata G&CC
Round 4: July 26th     Eagle Creek 

Editors note: Just heard from a few people in the know who say this list is definitely not official/finalized yet. Also, made update to name of Kanata Golf and Country Club (its not called Kanata Lakes)

2011 will be my first time playing (or attempting to play) in the event and I am really looking forward to it after reading about it for the past couple of years. Last summer I had qualified to play (min 8 handicap required) for the first time, but had way too much going on with the wedding and all. 

With a 6.9 index I am hoping to make the cut, but from what I have read about past years the course set up is pretty tough, so we shall see. I have had pretty good success playing Kanata G&CC  (78 at 2009 City & District B Champs) and Eagle Creek (shot 80 in last 2 outings). Unfortunately, to get to these two courses I have to first get by two courses I have never played before. In all honestly, I haven’t really heard that much about the difficulty of either of these courses, so I will have to spend some time at each this spring to get a feel for what I am up against.

Registration opens this weekend at the Golf Expo.

After this weekend it will just about be time to set my 2011 tournament schedule and 2011 goals. All I need is the  2011 OVGA schedule, which is not out yet. Last year I missed the City & District Championships due to a new job, I am hoping to play in the A flight Champs for the first time this August.



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