2011 Golf Pool – Let’s hope its better than 2010 (and 2009)

I joined a golf pool again this year. The previous 2 years I joined the Ottawagolf.com pool, but this year I have joined a pool run by a friend of my father-in-law. I think I will do better in this pool than I ever did in the Ottawagolf.com pool because I don’t have to pick new players each week, you only pick them once and they are your guys for the season.

In the previous pool I put so much time and effort into picking my players each week for the first few months of the season and would normally be doing pretty good (top 20) until about the Masters. After the Masters I would get busy and miss a week and would by default be given the same lineup as the week before. Of course, anyone that played in the Masters isn’t in the field for the following week’s Bob’s Speedy Oil change Open in Toledo, Ohio and my ranking would go to shit after a couple weeks of not updating my picks. Once I realized I was out of it I pretty much gave up and stopped paying attention to the pool.

This year I don’t have this issue. I picked 10 guys prior to the 1st tournament with a salary cap of 20 million (from 2010 winnings). I am stuck with these guys, but so is everyone else. Now, if I get busy one week and not able to pay attention, it doesn’t matter. The hardest part about this golf pool is staying under the cap, it took me forever to put together a team that was made up of guys who will play most weeks (or play all the big tournaments) and made less than 20 million total (thats an average of 2 million per player). In the end I settled on:

I am hoping Weir will play well as I got him at a pretty good price. From the first two events it looks like he could be a write off. Garcia is also someone I am hoping will play well. The rest, I am confident will make some money. 
After week 1 (Bob Hope), I don’t think I made any money. As for this week, I have been busy and haven’t really paid attention … but that’s ok.



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