Counting up the Holiday Loot

With one more day before I have to go back to my real life I spent the afternoon taking inventory of the Christmas gifts and holiday purchases that have come into my possession over the last couple of weeks. Among other things I made out extremely well in the golf department, which will make the wait until spring that much harder.

My beautiful, thoughtful and very generous new wife provided me with the best Christmas gift ever, a new set of Nike Ignite 2 irons. These will replace my Titliest 962s that I bought used in 2000. Although a lower end Nike product everything I had heard about them has been positive and I was hitting them really well when I tested them out at Golf Town back in November.

The irons weren’t the only golf items I acquired this holiday season. I also received a sleeve of ProV1s (actually Mary did) at Mary’s Aunt and Uncles. On boxing day, during our 8 hour drive from Montreal QC, to Burlington ON we stopped in Kingston where I was able to make a stop at Golf Town, which was offering some great boxing day/week specials. I picked up a Nike VR hat for $10.00, 2 Nike golf gloves for $5.00 each, and a Nike VR towel for $10.00. What made this even better was that I had a $35.00 gift card from Christmas so the purchase cost me nothing.
I figured that was it for new golf gear this holiday season, however Mary also had a $35.00 gift card for Golf Town that she was unsuccessful in using during our stop in Kingston, which she would eventually trade to me for a $30.00 MEC gift card.
While out exchanging some Christmas presents today I made a quick stop at Golf Town where I intended to use the newly acquired gift card to purchase some golf balls, when I came across I deal I had missed at my previous visit to Golf Town on boxing day. They had Nike Air Academy golf shoes on clearance for $65.00 (initially $129.99). With that I put down the golf balls I was going to get and picked up a pair of shoes, which cost me $32.00 after using the $35.00 gift card.

So, it was has been a very bountiful holiday season in terms of new golf gear. Now all I have to do is survive the next 4 or so months until the 2011 golf season starts.


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