2010 – Some of my favorite things part 2b – Entertainment Con’t

With 2010 coming to an end I thought I would look back over the past year and share some of my favorite things. It has been a good year for me on and off the course. In June I started a new job, moving over from Squash Canada to the Canada Games Council, during the summer I helped Metcalfe Golf dive head first into social media with twitter, facebook and a blog, In July I managed to win all 6 points at Intersectionals (unfortunately the team came up short), in August I won the Metcalfe Golf & CC Club Championship, in September I got married (at a golf course) and at the end of September my wife and I took an amazing trip to Scotland and Ireland where we were able to play a couple of rounds of golf and spend a day at St.Andrew’s. So, it has been a good year to say the least.

The only criteria I used for my list was that I had to have experienced it in 2010, regardless of when it came out. The lists are my favorite things, not necessarily the things I think are the best from 2010.

I have broken the list into 3 separate posts 1) Golf 2) Entertainment 3) Misc.

Note: After thinking about it I don’t really have anything for Misc. so this last post will be a 2b – entertainment, everything I didn’t include the other day.
Part 2b – Entertainment
Favorite Websites of 2010
1. Twitter – Who needs to read the news when it you can read it as it happens. Whenever I want to see what is happening in the world I go to twitter. All in 140 characters.
2. TED Talks – A collection of talks by experts across various fields, the tag line “ideas worth spreading” hits the nail on the head as I often find myself informing others of the latest TED talk I just listened to
3. Facebook – Replacing email as the easiest way to communicate with friends, colleagues and people you don’t really talk to anymore.

Favorite TV Shows of 2010

1. The Walking Dead
2. Big Bang Theory
3. How I met your mother


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