2010 Golf Season Sign Off Part 2

Now that the golf season is over, it is a perfect time to take a look at this past season, see where I was successful and where some improvements are required. I figured a good place to start was my RCGA network profile, shown below.

Ideally, I would be able to compare this to how I finished the 2009 season, but unfortunately I don’t have the data. I can say that at the end of the 2009 season my handicap was 9.2, the end of this season saw it drop to 6.9. It is safe to say my 2010 season was successful in that regard.

My scoring average was a little high for my liking as was the number of holes I played above par. The biggest issue with my game in my eyes is the fact that I only make 50% of my up and downs. I was happy with my putting stats, and I think my lack of up and downs was more a result of poor greenside play than poor putting.

One of my goals for this past season was to practice more and unfortunately this did not happen. Not having a range at Metcalfe made it difficult to practice, but that really isn’t an excuse for not spending my time chipping and putting.

For 2011 I can already see my main goal will be to bring up my up and down average, which will ultimately mean more time practicing the greenside shots.

I am going to wrap this up with a look at my equipment from the past year. I started the year with a Callaway Great Big Bertha II driver (R Flex), a Callaway X 3 hybrid (R flex), Titliest DCI 962 irons 4 – PW with true temper R300 shafts, Titliest Vokey 52 degree and 56 degree wedges and an Odessey #5 White Hot Tour putter. The only club I was really looking to change was my driver. Although the Callaway has treated me well over the years I felt that some new technology could help take my game to the next level. In June I purchased a Nike Dymo 9.5 degree driver and 3 wood. The driver was a stiff flex while the 3 wood a regular flex. I struggled with the driver and regretted getting a stiff flex driver almost from the start. I enjoyed having a 3 wood for off the tee when called upon, but struggled to hit it off the fairway. In the end I traded the driver for a Nike St8fit 10 degree with a regular shaft in October. I have stuck with the same Titliest carry bag for the past 2 years, with no change in site.

For 2011 I am keeping my fingers crossed for some new Nike irons and maybe a new putter. Other than that it will be status quo for me.

37 more days until Christmas, hope everyone is getting ready,

That’s all for now,



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