2010 Golf Season Sign Off Part 1

Having neglected the blog for a couple of weeks (a month actually) you would think there is a bunch of stuff I have been sitting on. But, with the season all but over there isn’t much that has been missed as far as my golf game is concerned.

My last round of golf was October 30. It was cold and it rained the entire time, except for the weather it was a great day of golf, food and socializing. Not only was it the final event of the season at Metcalfe (which would close the next day for the season), but also our friends Chris and Sara Harwood were up from Toronto for the day. We played pretty good, started hot, but cooled down as the weather did, ended the day with a respectable score, a warm meal and some prizes. Some photo’s follow.

I have admittedly passed on playing the past two weekends when the weather was fantastic for this time of the year, but I think I had accepted that golf season was over, I had already put my clubs away and heading out to the course seemed like more of a hassle than something I was looking forward to. I am sure in a month or so when there is snow on the ground I will be regretting not having played in November when I had the chance.

Although I avoided the courses I did spend a fair bit of time at Golf Town the past 2weekends. On the 6th, day 1 of the Demo sale I showed up right for 7am, when the store was open to leader board members, and was greeted by a lineup of 100 or so people. Once inside I was a little disappointed with the selection, but I believe that was more due to the fact I was looking for a specific set of irons they didn’t have as part of the sale. Most of the people there seemed to pick up something, and realistically if you waited in line at 7am to get into a golf store, it is unlikely you are going home empty handed.

I did however have a chance to get some Christmas gifts at Golf Town the past 2 weekends as well as some ideas for my own list. My fingers are crossed for a new set of Nike irons from the wife on Christmas morning.

A little over a month to Christmas, and everyday of the off season brings us one day closer to next golf season. For me, I am going to enjoy my time away from the course on the Squash Courts, and on the Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe trails throughout the Ottawa valley.

That’s all for now,

Part 2 of the wrap up will look at my 2010 goals, what was in my bag for the season and my final thoughts on the blog at the end of my first season blogging.



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