Lots of Golf and a Wedding

So I got married last weekend. A great time was had by all and I am as happy as can be. It really did go well, I should have pictures to prove it sometime in the next couple of weeks. A nice side note of wedding weekend was all the golf I got to play with my Groomsman and Mary.

The extended weekend started Thursday morning at Metcalfe with an early morning round by myself. As much as I hate mornings, I always enjoy getting out really early to play and this day I was the 3rd group at 6:30am. I managed to play through both the groups in front of me by the back 9 so basically had the course to myself. I played ok, but nothing special shooting an adjusted 83 (had an 8 on number 4 and a 9 on number 10). I don’t remember much from the round, but other than those 2 holes it went ok.

Friday morning I had the pleasure of playing Metcalfe with my best man Chris and groomsman Brian. We played a game called wolf. A handicapped game where the “wolf” rotates between the players on each hole, the wolf has the option to play alone of partner with one of the other players. A full description can be found here. The game was pretty fun and with handicaps makes for an fun competition between skill levels. In the end I shot an adjusted 81 (had an 8 on number 10 – there is something about the 10th hole these days). Chris was the same, and although Brian lost by a lot in stroke play his handicap allowed him to win Wolf on the 18th hole, beating me by 1 point.

There was no golf Saturday (wedding), but I did manage to play 9 holes Sunday, it didn’t go very well.

Monday (labour day) was a big day as it was the annual Day O’ Golf or Mary and Aaron’s Labour Day Classic. We had 12 golfers for 27 holes at Metcalfe, 18 in the morning and a 9 hole 2 person scramble in the afternoon. Neither round went very well. I shot an 87 in the morning and in the afternoon Brian and I managed only a 39 in the scramble. Even so, it was a fun day and a great end to the wedding weekend.

I took the week off from golf, blaming my poor play on being tired from the weekend, but was back at it Saturday afternoon.

I tee’d off after work Saturday at 6pm, had the course to myself, Was able to zip around 18 in a cart in under 2 hours. Shot 39 on the front and 39 on the back for a 78. Could have been a 77, but had to play the last hole in the dark, which I am contributed to the bogey. The week off seemed to do me well. Sunday didn’t go as well. I worked until 1:30 and teed off just before 2. It was raining, so once again had the course to myself. I walked 18 holes in just over 2 hours. I was an adjusted 43 on the front (triples on 4 and 6) and 42 on the back, for an adjusted 85. I actually played ok, but was weak off the tee and couldn’t get any putts to fall.

That is likely all the golf for me until I play in Scotland next week and Ireland the week after. I might try and get in a quick 9 before leaving for the UK though.

Handicap is back up to 7.0, was down to all time low of 6.6.

That’s all for now,



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