A few finds

Just a short one today to let you know a couple of good finds I have come across the past little bit.

1. Titliest now has online ball fitting here. It is not the greatest innovation in golf or the Internet, but will give you a decent idea of what titliest ball is best for you.

2. Golf Town Mississauga is having a sale on Ecco golf shoes. I am not sure why it is only the Mississauga store, but what can you do. Details here.

3. If you are in Ottawa Cassellview Golf & Country Club is offering $10.00 off on afternoon rounds, the coupon can be found below

On a personal note, I played twice last week. I was 82 at Country Club de Montreal on Saturday. I played pretty inconsistent. On Sunday I managed to get around the 9 hole course twice at Metcalfe and shoot 80. I had a double bogey on each 9, which was disappointing. I am playing in a scramble tournament at Metcalfe this Saturday morning and will likely get in a round on Friday night or late Saturday as well.

Thats all for now,



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