A Couple Weeks of Up and Down Golf Part 2 – Club Championships

Upon my return from PEI I was all set to put in a good week of practice in preparation for the Metcalfe Club Championship. I had my schedule all worked out, I would putt and chip Monday for an hour, play Tuesday, play and putt Wednesday, putt and chip Thursday and play a full 18 Friday. My week started off as planned and while putting it happened, rain, and thunder and lightning. This was 30min into my practice session. It also rained Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, big storms both Tuesday and Wednesday lead to power outages, which also lead to our cable, Internet and phone going down. So, not only could I not practice, but I also couldn’t watch tv, go on the internet or make phone calls. In the end I managed 30min of chipping and putting practice over the first 4 days of the week. I received my tee-time Thursday and was disappointed to see that only 3 individuals had entered the A Flight. Having played number 5 on the Intersectionals team I was aware that there were at least 4 other golfers who should have been in the A. In the end one of the B players did move up to give the A a full foursome. I played Friday after work, but hadn’t hit a shot since the Saturday before, and it was an ugly 84.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, had a nice breakfast with Mary and headed off to the course for 10:30am. Having a 12:30pm tee time, I had 2 hours to get some putting and chipping in. I concentrated most of my efforts on hitting 5 – 10foot putts and forced myself to make about 50 of them prior to teeing off.

My competitors for the event would be Mark Salahor (7 handicap), Nick Salahor (6 handicap) and Darryl Harris (8 handicap). Being the last group off, I prepared myself for a slow round, but honestly it wasn’t soo bad, lasting about 5 hours. To keep the blog from being ridiculously long I will spare most of the details. I played well Saturday, my pre round putting paid off as I managed to leave myself with several 5 footers for par that I made, missing only 1 one on 11. Other highlights of the round included hitting 2 provisionals off 2 (found my first shot, made a double), a birdie on 3 (after hitting an awful drive followed up by a great 5 iron cut from 180 yards), and not hitting many fairways or greens. I went out in 38 (3 over) and back in 40 (3 over) for a total 78. On top of playing well, my fellow competitors didn’t play very well, or had a couple of holes that hurt them. Mark Salahor didn’t play overly well or overly poor, but just couldn’t get anything going and had 2 doubles on the front. Darryl Harris started poorly and just couldn’t bring it back and ended up shooting … well he shot poorly. Nick Salahor was right with me until 17 where he took a quad, and then followed that up with a double on 18. After Day 1 I was sitting on an 8 stroke lead.

I had a couple of things working against me in day 2, for 1 I was sitting on a pretty big lead and failed to maintain my competitive edge going to the 1st tee, secondly I was pretty nervous, thirdly it rained for almost the entire round and lastly I had to work in the pro shop from open to 12pm, so by the time I tee’d off at 1:15pm I had already worked for 6 hours. Once again to keep a long story short, I played poorly. Highlights include a 9 on #4, a double on 14 and a double on 18. I missed all the 5 footers I made the day before. I gave all but 2 shots back on the front 9, but managed to play well on most of the back 9 making pars (not easy ones) on 10, 12, 15, 16, 17. In the end I shot 90, my worst round of the year, it was just one of those days. As bad as I played I was happy to not completely explode after the front 9, and managed to keep my lead on the back 9 without my A game.

After it was all said and done I won by 2 strokes!

With a total score of 168, it wasn’t my finest performance (shot 159 in 2008 City in District and 164 last year), but I will take it. A picture of me with my trophy below

Find of the Day: Golftown is having their annual clearance sale. Some of the good finds I saw at the Ottawa location included Nike ONE golf balls for $30.00, Nike golf gloves for $10.00, and an assortment of ladies golf shoes for $25.00.


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