Season so far and what is next

Well, it’s July 23. I arguably have about two months left in my golf season, so I thought I would have a look back at the season so far and see if I have accomplished some goals.

Unfortunately this was a busy summer for me, all with the wedding preparations and the starting a new job. I was unsure how much golf I would actually get to play and I knew I would not be able to play the competitive events I have been the last couple of years. At the start of the season I conceded that all OVGA events were off the schedule, seeing as I didn’t have the holiday time to take off to play in the weekday events. The past two summers I had great success in these events (4th in 2008, 7th in 2010 in the city “B” championships), but a year off wouldn’t kill me. The good news is I have been able to play 34 times, 17 of those times 18 holes and 17 times 9 holes. I figure I have another 10 18 holes and 10 9 holes left in me before I put the clubs downstairs for the winter.

Although I wasn’t going to be playing as much competitive golf, my goal was to get my handicap safely down into single digits. In 2009 I floated between an 8 and a 10, so I was hoping to secure a single digit handicap. My other goals included making the intersectional team and playing well and competing for top spot at the Club Championship.

As of today my index is sitting at 7.4. I am going to go ahead and say I have accomplished this goal.

I made the intersectional team and took a full 6 points at the event. Again, mission accomplished.

Now for the last goal, our club championship is in two weekends, Aug 7 and 8th. The last time I played in it was 2008 (missed 2009 as I was away visiting family) and I didn’t play all that well, going 88 day 1 and 80 day 2. I won low net in the B flight. This year I will be playing in the A flight and will need 2 of my best rounds of the year if I want a chance to win. My consistency off the tee and my putting will be the key to whether I play well or not and I will be spending some extra time on the putting green leading up to the Championships to make sure I am ready.

As for the upcoming week, I am off to PEI. Golf is not the main intention of the trip, but I am hoping to play 3 rounds. I have been to the island twice before and played many of their fine courses. No plans as to what courses I will play yet. I also plan to read “The Last Putt” next week on the island, a book a wrote about a couple months ago and am only getting around to reading now, I will let you know how it goes.

Find of the Week: I haven’t done one of these in a long time, but stumbled across this interesting blog this morning that I thought I would share. If your into fashion, specifically golf fashion, check out It is a fashion golf blog written by a local Ottawa writer, who has recently been brought into contribute a column to


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