My Love / Hate Relationship with Golf

I am sure I am not alone when I say that I have a love / hate relationship with the sport of golf. Golf can be the most peaceful and yet frustrating outting at the same time. Walking the course at dawn with a couple of friends, seeing the freshly cut fairways and greens, being along with your thoughts while playing a solo round late in the day, can be some of the most peaceful moments one can experience. On the other hand, while getting out at dawn with a couple friends may be peaceful, hitting the dead pull off the first tee does detract at least a little bit from that peaceful moment. Walking up to a birdie putt on a freshly cut green may look like a beautiful site, but that feeling is normally lost while walking away from the green after 3 putting. I could go on, but I am sure you get the point.

I had one of these moments on Monday evening. I happened to be in southern Ontario for work and after a long day of driving and meetings in St.Thomas I decided to stop by Tarandowa to see if I could get on for a late afternoon round. Tarandowa is my favorite golf course in southern ontario and I play it every chance I get. I have written in more detail about it in previous posts. Monday evening was perfect for a round of golf, it had rained for part of the day so the course was soft and void of afternoon golfers. From the moment I pulled into the parking lot I was really looking forward to playing and feeling pretty good about the up coming round. At that moment I was very much loving golf. Then I hit my first shot. Great contact, dead straight, lots of distance, directly into a tree in the middle of the fairway. Without going into the details I was not loving golf for the next 2 hours, I was very much hating golf. Tarandowa is a very beautifully laid out links style golf course and I could have cared less, there was no beauty and definitly no piece. And then, I birdie the last hole. Given the fact that I shot 88, I was not very happy, and yet I left the course that day once again loving golf, and looking forward to my next outing.

Lots of golf coming up this weekend, hopefully I can put 4 decent rounds together.

Thats all for now,



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