Been Awhile

It has been awhile since my last post, just way to busy with everything else. I am not even sure how many rounds I have played, but some highlights include:

1. Playing 36 holes last Saturday, starting at 3pm. My first 18 was actually 2 loops around the 9 hole course, I didn’t play well at all going 43, 41 for an 84. I started my second 18 around 6:15pm and was able to turn it around and shoot a 79 (77 adjusted score). The 77 brought my handicap down to 9.1, which is the lowest its been this season.

2. Played in a charity event with work on Monday the 21st at Stonebridge in Ottawa. It was the first time I have played there and I was extremely impressed. The course is in excellent shape, the service is first class and the course is tough. I will be going back to play a real round there sometime soon.

3. Played 9 holes tonight. Didn’t play overly well, 41, but the real story of the round was Mary shot her best round ever, 44.

4. I love my new woods, hitting the driver 10-15 yards further and pretty straight. I have also changed my putting grip and it seems to be paying off.

Some other news, turns out the Srixon deal was over by the time I got the word out because no one I have spoken to has received any golf balls. Also, Team Red Golf, which is the Cleveland/Srixon Golf forum/blog website is no longer, not sure why they have shut it down, but they have.

As for me, I have some golf coming up next week and then the following weekend (the 11th) is the Ottawa region Intersectional tournament, where the Metcalfe team will play at Mont Cascades.

I guess that’s all for now, I will likely report next on how the intersectionals tournament goes.



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