Intersectionals, Bad Golf, New Clubs

So its been a while since I last wrote (May 31st). Some happenings since then …

1. Although my 49 points was nothing to write home about (although having a blog is doing exactly that I guess, since my mom is probably the only person that reads this) I did end up making the team. I now have until June 27th to enter scores towards my handicap, which will determine which of the 10 positions I will play in. In 2008 I played 7th spot and won 6 points (play 3 matches in 4some, 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie), last year I played 4th spot and took 0 points (not my best day). So, I will keep plugging away and see where I fit in this year.

2. I have played twice since my last post (I think), on Saturday while back home for our stag and doe I played Belmont Golf Club (Par 70, 5394 yards 64.9 rating 111 slope) with my best man Chris, his dad and his sisters boyfriend. Belmont Golf Club is a club I grew up playing, and have actually posted one of my lowest rounds ever there in an Golf Association of Ontario event with a 1 over 71. Saturday was no 71, it was an 85 that included a 9 on the 12th hole. Other than the 9 I actually played pretty well, was 39 on the front, 46 on the back. My adjusted score for handicap purposes was 82 (39 43). My second round was tonight at Metcalfe, only my 4th round of 18 there this season. I played ok, taking a double on 2 and a triple on 10 I made a long putt on 18 for par and an 83. Only other interest in the round was a birdie on 13. Score line was 83 (42, 41), 82 adjusted score, 6 fairways, 5 greens, 32 putts, 2 penalty strokes and 3 up and downs.

3. So I have been looking for a 3 wood, driver and 4 hybrid for some time, I haven’t carried a 3 wood for almost 3 years, I broke my 4 iron and I thought I would replace it with a hybrid and I have been mildly looking for an new driver as mine is a Callaway Great Big Bertha II from the early 2000s. In the end I decided to just get a new shaft in my old Titliest 3 wood and a new shaft in my 4 iron. However, when I went to golftown it turns out it costs just as much to put a new shaft in a club as it does to buy a new club. So, I found a Nike SQ Dynamo2 3 wood on sale for $128.00, which I liked. In the end I picked up the 3 wood and the driver (which was also on sale for $198.00).

It was definitely $350.00 I didn’t need to spend, however I am confident it will help my game immediately and not be so bad on my wallet in the long run.

That’s all for now,



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