Not a Great Week on the Golf Course

I managed to get 3 rounds in this past weekend, 9 holes on Friday night and then a round Saturday and Sunday. Both rounds over the weekend counted towards the Metcalfe Golf & CC intersectional team.

The Friday night 9 hole round went well, shot a 3 over 38 on the front 9. Not a whole lot memorable from the round.

Saturday was my 1st of 2 rounds for intersectional try-outs. I have played on the team the last two seasons and am hoping to make it 3 in a row, but round 1 didn’t work out so well. We play stableford format so having a really bad hole doesn’t hurt you too much, but you don’t want to put to many bad holes together. The stableford system is based on accumulated points as opposed to a score. For our intersectional try-outs we play a modified format where you receive 1 point for a bogey, 2 points for a par, 3 points for a birdie and … well I never get eagles so it doesn’t really matter, its either 4 or 5 points. After 9 I had 13 points and besides a double on 6 I wasn’t playing too bad. The back 9 went well enough, however I missed short par putts on 17 and 18, to finish with 25 points. My goal was 30 points, so I was a little disappointed.

If I was a little disappointed Saturday I was about ready to quit the game on Sunday. I went out in 45, that’s right 45 with 8 points. The saving grace was I shot a 2 over 39 on the back to salvage 24 points for a final score of 49 points. Now I just need to pray it gets me on the team (top 10 make the team). In 2008 I made the team with 48 points, in 2009 I managed 56 points, I fell well short of my goal of 60 points, but am hopeful that my 49 points will be good enough to squeak in.

No find for this week as I have been rather busy and not doing much besides working and try to play some golf.


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