Some Video Feedback

Although this shot turned out ok, the set up was awful. The ball and subsequently my hands are way to far ahead at address. After looking at the video I made some adjustments and started hitting the ball with some consistency off the tee. I received this little HD video camera for Christmas and am just now getting a chance to use it here and there. Mary (fiance) and I got some decent HD video of our swings this evening, the attached is just 1 of several videos we took.

I was able to get in 3 rounds this week, a 39 on the Metcalfe 9 Wednesday night, a god awful 87 at Nation on Saturday and a 39 this evening on the Metcalfe 9. On a side note, Mary shot her low round of the year this evening with a 47 on the Metcalfe 9.

My 39 on Wednesday was a pretty good round that consisted of 3 mistakes which cost me. I missed a short par putt on 1 from a missed green, a short par putt on 5 from a missed green and a short par put on 8 from a missed green. My up and downs average took a hit on this round. Other than that I was all fairways and greens.

Yesterday I had the chance to get out and play National Golf Club in Curran ON. I received a free round by joining their twitter page and had to use it by yesterday. There was a lot I liked about this course, none of which included how I played, because I played awful. The club house was big and seemed to have all the amenities one would expect at a golf course. The green fees were pretty good, ($32.00 + tax after 1:30pm) and the course conditions were above average for courses in the same price range. The only thing I didn’t really like about the course was the amount of dog legs. It seemed like almost every other hole was a dog leg, some holes even had two dog legs. I also didn’t like the fact I played like crap, but that had nothing to do with the course. I would recommend checking it out if you don’t mind the drive, I know I would go back, if only to prove I can shoot better than an 87.

Tonight we got in a quick 9 after dinner, I didn’t hit the ball very consistently, but managed to hit 6 greens. The main erros were tee shot on 1 (led to a bogey),and 3put on 6 (double bogey). As I said above, Mary shot her low round of the season and did it in fine fasion parring 3 of the last 4 holes to shoot 47.

Loss of the week: Instead of a find of the week I have done a loss of the week as I have managed to lose all my rain gear. Not so much as lost as left behind. It appears that I have left all my rain gear (munk bag cover, jacket, pants)in my hotel room in Vancouver, where it was drying in the closet and forgot about. I called the hotel but so far no luck. So, this week, instead of a great find I had a great loss. On the bright side it might lead to some new rain gear (fingers crossed).

Thats all for this week



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