Some Quality Rounds of Golf

Well it finally happened, I finally got to play a full 18 holes of golf for the first time this season. It happened almost be surprise actually. After work on Friday I headed over to the course get in a quick 9 before starting to pack for my trip to Vancouver. I decided to play the front 9 with a cart as the 9 hole course at Metcalfe seemed rather busy. As it turned out I was the only one out there and after teeing off at 6:10pm was done my front 9 by 7pm. I decided to continue on and sure enough was finished by 8, about 20 min before sunset. The round itself went quite well, an 82 (81 adjusted score) shooting 39/43 (42 adjusted). I hit the ball really well and besides taking a triple on 18 (tee shot into lateral hazard, drop into water hazard, enough said) played pretty consistent.

On Saturday I travelled to Vancouver, arrving at 9am. After getting settled I decided to see if I could get onto an area course as a single. It took 3 tries but finally got on at McCleery Golf Course, a city owned course. It was par 71 and only played about 6000 yards. More info on the course can be found here. I played ok, a little jet lagged, I didn’t hit the ball particularly well, but managed to make a lot of putts on the front 9 before completely blowing up on the back. In the end it was a 82 (38/44). I only hit 3 fairways all day, 8 greens and 35 putts.

On Sunday, Yvon from Montreal arrived in Vancouver and even though it was raining we decided to play. My co-worker Frank also came along for the round. It rained from the moment we teed off until the moment we putted out on 18, it rained lightly at first, then heavier and then got cold. It was, to say the least, not the most enjoyable round of golf. We played at the University Club, a par 72 6500 yard course, which we are told is one of the better public courses in the city. More info can be found here. Even with the rain, I managed to put together a pretty good round, although Yvon came in low with a 78, I was a 84 (82 adjusted score), which included a 7 on a par 3 and 2 birdies on the front 9.

Not likely to get in any more rounds here in Vancouver, so next round will likely be next week sometime.

Find of the week – nothing really to report here this week, way to busy with work. One thing I did find is that the Ottawa area golf magazine Flagstick has an online forum here. I am not sure if it is new or not, but if you like to talk golf online it is worth checking out.

That’s all for this week



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