A Week Without Golf

I am disappointed to say that I didn’t play a single hole of golf last week. The closest I got to golf since last Sunday was packing my shoes, hat, glove and some balls in my suitcase for my trip to Calgary.

I had looked forward to playing golf in Calgary, however the day I was scheduled to play (yesterday) there was snow on the ground. On Saturday night Calgary received like a foot of snow. I could have tried to play today, but in the end was resigned to stay at the hotel and do work before my flight home. And, just with my luck they are calling for flurries and cold temperatures in Ottawa for the next couple of days. So, it could be another week of no golf, but hopefully the weather warms up a bit and I get out at least once this week.

However, this blog is not without its happy news. In talking with a colleague the other day we are going to attempt a trip up to Whistler next Sunday to play golf before I have to be in Vancouver for work on Monday the 3rd. I have never been to Vancouver or Whistler and am really looking forward to hopefully hitting the links while I am there. If no Whistler, our back up plan is to play the UBC course, which is more or less right in Vancouver. Fingers crossed that the weather holds out.

Find of the week – Well, I am not sure if this is a great find for anyone else, but while working on the Metcalfe Golf & CC club twitter acount this past week I stumbled across the twitter site for another area golf course (Nation Golf & CC). It was brand new and one of the first tweets they posted was that the first 25 people to join their twitter account would receive a free round. I signed up and sure enough I received a tweet the other day telling me my name was on a list in the club house for a free round of golf before May 15th. Now the problem will be finding the time to get out and play it before the 15th of May. Unfortunately, they now have 33 followers so if you go now you won’t get a free round. The point of the story though, is to sign up for twitter and find all your area golf courses. A lot of course are sending out special promotions to their twitter followers only.

Thats all for this week, hopefully I have more golf related news next week,



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