Back to Normal

Well, this week marked a return to normalcy in regards to the weather. Chilly, overcast, rain, wind, yep that sounds a lot more like April in Ottawa. For the second week in a row I was only able to muster up 9 holes for the week. I the front nine at Metcalfe this afternoon after working an 8 hour shift.

The round went pretty well considering it is only my second game of the season. The fact that it was windy, rainy and only about 7 degrees out made my 38 all that more satisfying. The score card looked as follows:

4,4,4,5,3,6,4,4,4 = 38 with 6 fairways hit 4 greens hit and 15 putts. Bogey on 4 was due to a bad drive, bogey on 6 was a result of hitting my second into the left hand side pond along the fairway and the bogey on 7 was a result of missing the green, hitting a half ass chip to 15 feet and leaving my uphill putt short.

Best shot of the round – A tie between my approach on 3 and my approach on 8. On 3 I hit a 6 iron from 150 with a 2 club wind directly in my face to 10 feet, too bad I missed the putt. On 8, while playing into the gusting wind, while it was raining, I hit a 4 iron from 180 to pin high 20 feet away, it was an easy 2 putt for par.

Worst shot of the round – Another tie between my 2nd on 6 and my 3rd (4th) on 6. Hit my second off the fairway, 200 yards dead left into a pond. I dropped and proceeded to hit my 4th from 150 (par 5), another yank left leaving me with a 20 yard up hill flop shot for par. Luckily I hit a great chip to 3 feet and made my bogey.

Course was in great shape, greens were green and rolled true, although they are still playing a little slow. All fairways were in great shape except 2,3, and 6, which are normally not in great shape anyways. I have posted some pictures on the Metcalfe Golf facebook group here

This upcoming week is suppose to be nice, so I am hoping to play once and then I am off to Hamilton for the weekend where I hope to play Saturday. So,hopefully I will have multiple rounds to write about next Sunday.

Find of the week – For all the female golfers. Golftown will be holding their 5th annual Women’s Night Out On Sunday April 25th from 6pm – 8pm at locations across the country. For information can be found here

Until next week,



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