Tiger the Favorite at Augusta

The blog description says my blog will follow my golf season and the happenings of the Ottawa golf region, but this time I just couldn’t help myself.

I’m not a betting person and I don’t really know much about odds, however I am fairly certain that the Las Vegas Odds that have Tiger pegged at a 2/1 favorite to win the 2010 Masters (http://www.gambling911.com/sports/tiger-woods-now-21-odds-win-2010-masters-032310.html)are completely ridiculous.I am certain that Tiger Woods is a pretty confident guy, and I don’t think he would even give himself 2/1 odds on winning the Masters. The guy has not played a competitive round of golf this year and has just gone through likley the toughest mental challenge he will ever face. He is going to be rusty and emotionally drained.

Kevin Malone from The Office, once said “If someone gives you 10/1 odds on anything you take it.” The closest I can find to 10/1 odds is Harrington at 15/1, and considering his up and down play this year I wouldn’t put a penny down on him. If I had to pick someone, taking the odds into consideration I am looking at Y.E Yang at 50/1 odds. Here is a guy who beat Tiger in a major last year, so we know he can close one out, he has 4 top 20 finishes this year, with a 3rd place at the Phoenix Open.

Let’s say he wins, if you were frugal your $2 bet just turned into $100, if your me your $10 bet just turned into $500, and if your the Rick Tocchet/Janet Gretzky team your $100,000 bet just turned into $5000,000. Not too shabby. Of course, he has to win first.

With all that said, Tiger has won the Masters 4 times, has won the US Open on a bum knee and has been the most dominant golfer on the tour for the past 10 years, so who knows, maybe 2/1 odds are not that unrealistic. I guess we will see, John Daly use to say he played better drunk, let’s hope Tiger plays just as well celibate (actually I think celibate means unmarried as well as sexually abstinent, but you get the picture).

All for now,



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