Let’s Get the Golf Season Started

Well it is that time of the year again, albeit “that time of the year” seems to be upon us a couple of weeks early. Normally, this time of the year means the Ottawa Gatineau Golf Expo and several more weeks of impatiently waiting to take to the links, however this year the Golf Expo can truly be seen as the start of the golf season as many Ottawa area courses are planning a Friday April 2nd opening day. This may seem a little early (it certainly does to me), but with the well above seasonal temperatures the past month, an overall mild winter and the fact that 99% of all snow is gone from the region, the Ottawa area courses are primed to open in time for the Easter long weekend. It doesn’t hurt that they are calling for temperatures in the 20s for opening day (http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/caon0512?ref=homecity).

Today (Sunday), I made my annual pilgrimage to the Ottawa Gatineau Golf Expo. As with last year I was at the golf expo manning the Metcalfe Golf and Country Club booth as opposed to being there as a paying costumer. Numbers seemed to be a bit down this year and the give aways didn’t seem to be as good. Last year entrance into the Expo got you 4 free rounds of golf at area courses, this year it got your name in a draw and a free sleeve of top flight golf balls. Also, the number of exhibitors looked to be down, but I can’t confirm that as I didn’t have a count from last year (or this year). With that said, it was a great day to kick off the golf season by saying a hello to a few friends I don’t see over the winter and as always the food was great!

If you are wondering what courses are opening this week check out this link http://www.ottawagolf.com/spring/index.htm … although I was just on it and it needs to be updated.

Last but not least, my find of the week …

If you have not heard about Team Red Golf, check out http://www.teamredgolf.com. If you sign up you will have access to a golf forum, tips and other great stuff. Team Red is a Cleveland Golf venture, and although golf forums, tips and Cleveland Golf are all great things, the real reason I tell you to go sign up is because they send you free stuff!! Since signing up last year I have received a srixon hat and 4 sleeves of srixon golf balls (Cleveland owns Srixon). This generous offer was enough to switch me from Titliest to Srixon golf balls (as long as they keep sending them for free).

Until next time,



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